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Sleep Your Way To Being Healthy and Fit

Where did I put my car keys? I can't believe I forgot my gym clothes this morning! Hmmm what was it I needed to do? I feel terrible now that I ate those donuts! Am I losing my mind? You might hear yourself ask these questions or say these disempowering statements if your not getting enough sleep.

Research shows that if you don't get enough sleep, 7-8 hours a night, you have a greater possibility of forgetting things that you might not otherwise. And more importantly you'll be more likely to make bad decisions on eating properly or exercising, keeping you from reaching your goals of being healthy and fit.

According to Dr Avidan at UCLA Sleep Disorder Center your brain uses the time to organize memories, make repairs hormonally, repairs your body physically  and metabolizes the harmful neurotoxins that can cause brain diseases. Literally without enough sleep your mind and body can not go through it's rebooting process that will keep you healthy and fit for life.

Almost 70 million adults in the United States have problems sleeping and that can and does cause a lot of trouble including increasing the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disease, depression and anxiety. And one of the top 5 reasons for automobile accidents is being tired from lack of sleep.

Contrary to popular belief you can not make up for lost sleep. So don't think that you're going to catch up on your Zzz's this weekend or call out of work sick if you're not getting 7-8 hours a night. Nope! You need to be consistent and follow the natural circadian sleep wake cycle for humans which is 10pm-6am, give or take 30 minutes. You wouldn't think twice about keeping your new born child awake for too long. No way! So please don't do that to yourself! Get to bed on time and you'll have a better chance at having optimal health and fitness.

Here are some foolproof techniques to help you "Sleep Your Way To Being Healthy and Fit."

  1. Stick to a schedule. In bed by 10 or 10:30pm the latest and wake at 6am when the sun is rising.
  2. Keep lights on low using dimmers after 7pm or use candles.
  3. Limit  TV, computer, Ipad, smartphone use after 8pm.
  4. Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, clean and cozy.
  5. Avoid exercising after 630pm.
  6. Avoid having large meals in the evening. If you're hungry have a light snack or short glass of water.
  7. Read a good book or magazine without suspenseful plots.
  8. Take a warm bath or hot shower to relax.
  9. Avoid caffeine after 2pm.
  10. Avoid alcohol intake.

Sweet dreams!!!

Yours in health and fitness,

Steve Jordan, Trainer To The Stars

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Broccoli is an important part of a healthy diet for many people around the world, and while broccoli is widely appreciated for its unique taste and crunchiness, most people don't even realize that the veggie prevents various types of cancer, improves eye health, and help you shed the pounds.

I was recently reviewing and searching the internet for the healty benefits of broccoli to find an amazing artilce that uncovers over 40 health secrets that you may not have known that can improve your health. 

Check out this link and head to your local grocery store, farmers market or farm and get yourself some fresh orgranic broccoli to add as a side at your meals or eat just as a snack like I do daily.

My favorite way to prepare and eat broccoli is to add to boiling water for 1-2 min. Dump into a strainer and run cold water over it to prevent the broccoli to get soft. I eat as is or I use fresh made hummus. This a healthy and nutrtious snack that I have daily. 

Enjoy this article from our friends at

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Everyone is built to be fit, but not everyone is meant to be "Cross Fit". In the past five years or so I've seen more injuries and mental breakdown from people participating in Cross Fit workouts than any other form of training. Unless you've been living in a cave like Brandon Frasier in the movie Blast From the Past, then I'm sure you have had a conversation or two about Cross Fit, the injuries, the benefits and the cult like following as one of the biggest fittest trends in the past 20 years.


Everyone is built to be fit, but not everyone is meant to be "Cross Fit". In the past five years or so I've seen more injuries and mental breakdown from people participating in Cross Fit workouts than any other form of training. Unless you've been living in a cave like Brandon Frasier in the movie Blast From the Past, then I'm sure you have had a conversation or two about Cross Fit, the injuries, the benefits and the cult like following as one of the biggest fittest trends in the past 20 years. Cross Fit is a series of daily exercise programs usually timed that are athletic, require strength, power, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination and a strong mind.


The purpose of this blog is to shed light on the challenges that I have been made more aware of after recently watching the Netflix documentary, "The Fittest On Earth". As a health and fitness professional I am always looking for ways to help individuals stay consistent in their pursuit of health and fitness excellence. And after watching this documentary my concern is for the competitors and the millions of participants worldwide, who like the elite in this documentary invest so much of their lives into the pursuit of being "The Fittest On Earth". After reading this blog you'll be able to better understand not only the physical risks, but more importantly I believe you'll have a greater understanding of the psychological impact long term competing at the intensity Cross Fit classes at any level for prolonged periods of time.


Please don't get me wrong, I am totally for any type of exercise activity that helps people find ways of being better physically, mentally and spiritually, but what I what I want to convey in this blog is that one who is interested in Cross Fit or is already participating should consider building a stable foundation, cross train with other activities like yoga, meditation, pilates or the like to have balanced conditioning for the long duration of your life.


My exercise paradigm in which I built a successful business over the past 20 years has been based around the notion of "feel good, not looking good". In city like LA where the community is the antithesis of this paradigm, I've had my work cut out for me. Feeling good is the one of the most important aspects of life in my opinion. Feeling good has long-term benefits emotionally, physically and spiritually to help keep you performing at the highest capacity in all areas of your life. However, too many people put the emphasis on looking good causing imbalances mentally, emotionally and physically that can lead to burn out, disappointment and inconsistency to name just a few of the common side effects. In my observations, Cross Fit focuses on primarily performance goals that are timed or achievement aimed to compete against others around the world or in their gym. And in my opinion these type of goals can lead to similar side effects that that focusing on looking good does leaving the participant injury prone from the inside out.


Cross-Fit is an endeavor I believe you can't do forever. The average age of the most elite athletes is 27yrs old and the Masters category begins at age 40. So with said, it's obvious that Cross Fit is a young persons game or activity. I watch my good friend Justin perform at the highest levels of his athletic life and he's had a tremendous amount of success including being chosen to be on the Baltimore Anthem the National Pro Grid League a professional cross-fit team competing nation wide and at now at 42 he's starting to slowly breakdown. I know he'll kill me when he reads this, but it's inevitable. This can be demolishing to a person's ego.  Most Cross-Fit athletes will eventually have a career that is going to be on the on the downswing in their mid 30's or sooner. So what's going to happen after that career is over. What is going to be of these athlete's minds and bodies? Are they going to be living pain free? Are they going to have a mindset that they can be satisfied and content with performing at lower levels? What will be their personal expectations for their fitness life span?


As I ponder the answers to these questions I can't help to think that most of the answers are negative. And for me, that's a hard place to be since I am a glass half full kind of guy and quite the optimist. If any athlete has been performing at a high level of expectation of them selves and from their peers long enough, it's hard to take two steps back and perform at a lesser intensity and expect themselves to be satisfied. Their bodies just can't perform at the level they are accustomed to or they can't compete against the young bucks that are starting young.


I believe that people who participate in fitness endeavors with the focus of feeling good rather than looking or performing good have a much better chance for long-term success. Less can be more! Yes you heard me correctly. Less can be more if you want to take care of your body for the long haul of life. Treating your body with love, respect and gratitude goes a long way even at an early age. At the age of 41.5 I feel stronger about this than I've ever have. I've played hard. I've competed in all types of sports including contact sports like football and lacrosse. I've almost done it all. And if I haven't done it, I just haven't had the time or interest. I am a competitor by nature and love the thrill of the fight. But life is typically hard enough and exercise should feel good from the start. So why add more stress, more tension and more risk of injury if it's not necessary. Participate in Cross Fit, but use your judgment and know your mental, physical and emotional boundaries. Participate periodically to allow your body rest and recovery. Don't follow the heard toward a life of pain, discomfort or burn out. Be the outlier of this strict community and find your own purpose, meaning and pleasure for sport or fitness participation. And no matter what…. "always feel good doing it" because you were born to be fit. 

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Have you ever found yourself caught up in the "rat race"? The race that holds you resentful towards others and more importantly yourself? Are you finding yourself in a state of feeling dissatisfied or ungrateful. Then this article will help you see that you're not alone. The journey of life is long and there's always going to be a challenge staying out of place of comparison, but when you have the right tools to pull yourself out, you'll feel free at peace personally, professionally or even if you're running a race.

Run Your Own Race 

"Run your own race - strive to be the best that you can and don't be envious of what others have and you don't. It's only a competition if you let it be." Helen Simpson

In my opinion running your own race is a way of life. There are so many people in life, me included who compare what they have achieved or are achieving with the measure of others. This ultimately will lead to dissatisfaction and often disappointment. 

On September 18th, 2016 I will be leading a group of runners and fitness enthusiasts for run/walk on Cook Islands for their 39th annual race called the Round Roratonga.,961,2560,0/round-rarotonga-road-race-2016.html

This 20mile/32km race that has been held on this island for 38 consecutive years is aimed to have fun running around the beautiful island, but more importantly in my opinion to help raise money for the youth athletics programs. With childhood obesity being a world wide epidemic I'm happy to see that nations around the globe are addressing this pressing issue. I am honored to be hosting this awesome experience and know that we will have a fantastic time.

The other day I was training my client Michael at the UCLA Drake Stadium Track where some of the best athletes in the world have trained and I had an epiphany that is the basis for this blog "Run Your Own Race". I'll tell you more why I encouraged and coached Michael this day with this in mind after I give you a little background on Michael. Michael and I have been training for over a year and in the past several months he's delved into the running circuit including 5k and 10k races from my suggestion. Michael's never been a "runner" until I introduced this idea to him because I felt another objective or goal other than the typical vanity measures would benefit his training programs. As with almost everything else Michael does, he's been lazer focused and disciplined to be the best he can be as a runner.

So back to the reason why I wrote this blog as the first of many that will focus on the training of running and being the best runner you can be while running your own race. Races are set up for competition. It's obvious. There's a time keeper, there's a finish line and there are prizes, some big cash prizes for the best place finishers in several categories including men's, women's and best times for different ages. So how could someone not get the competitive bug with all these carrots dangling in front of them?! I know I do and so did Michael this day. You see since Michael started he's been placing in the top 5 of his age group and in the top 5% of the entire race. We've dialed in his training program to help support the runs and I've given him priceless coaching tips on how to be more a more efficient and productive runner. So his competitive nature is burning inside him to be at the top, which is not only a few, 2-5 people away from being #1. 

But what was happening to Michael was what I've seen time and time again with many of the pro athletes and Type A clients' who have to be the best at everything they do. He started to focus on the wrong things and he was losing some of the performance edge we had built on. This particular day there were at least a dozen other track athletes practicing some of the techniques they were improving on and you could feel the spirit of running emanating from the track. Michael's time was less than his best in his 2 mile goal and I could sense that he was becoming anxious and frustrated, as many of us would do if we weren't doing our best. So I yelled out, "Michael-- Let it all go! "RUN YOUR OWN RACE! RUN YOUR OWN RACE!" I could tell Michael didn't really get what I was saying until he finished the 2 mile run finishing a couple minutes behind his best time. When we discussed the outcome he said, "I know I could have done better, but I am happy I ran this today and I feel great!" This was NOT the response I expected from him. I was expecting something more like, "Damn Damn! I screwed up! I could have done better! This was terrible!" Which was a typical response in the past that I would have gotten from him and many others I've worked with. 

You see after some back and forth dialogued, Michael's reaction was a result partly of what I said, but also from the countless of hours he and I practiced and had many breakdowns I had to coach him to overcome. He's more acceptable and satisfied with any performance because he's "RUNNING HIS OWN RACE." The race is long and it's the journey we are supposed to enjoy, not the destination. I was a proud coach and friend that day! 

At 41 yrs of age I've had a lot of practice in scenarios like this before. As a competitive athlete my whole life and a person naturally competitive,  I've had to step back from situations personally and professionally to learn and be better.

So I am writing this blog to encourage not only the participants who will be joining me on the Cook Islands, but to all who find themselves caught up with their ego from time to time competing against others or themselves in life. Just do YOUR best! Be YOUR own champion. Find the satisfaction in just finishing regardless if your in last place or first place. You'll find more fun and joy if you can do this. I know it's hard not to compare. I am challenged with this daily. It's in our human nature. Practicing gratitude is the best way to overcome this. I write in a gratitude journal daily and suggest you do too.

"Run Your Own Race"

For more information on the Round Roratonga Running With A Purpose retreat please visit and download the PDF: :

I'll see you at the finish line!

Yours in Fitness and Wellness,



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Home to Hollywood and a celebrity set paid to look good, Los Angeles is known for its high proportion of toned tummies and sculpted physiques. But with consistently stellar weather and a variety of terrain, there is little excuse not to train. has asked five of Los Angeles’ top fitness professionalsâ€"two of whom, including Steve Jordan are featured experts at Robb Report’s upcoming Health & Wellness Summitâ€"to give us their favorite places to sweat, eat, recover, and repeat. -

I'm honored to be incuded with the 4 other fitness entrepreneurs who are helping to change the minds and bodies of Angeleno's. To see their interviews click on the link to the Robb Report at the end of this Q & A. Enjoy and be well! 



Viju Mathew

With a career path made for movies, Steve Jordanâ€"a featured trainer at Robb Report’s upcoming Health & Wellness Summitâ€"was launched into the world of wellness by rehabilitating himself after a traumatic brain injury. His holistic approach to recovery and its incredible results soon landed him a position at the White House as a fitness instructor under the Clinton Administration. Now based in Los Angeles, Jordan is sought after by celebrities, power brokers, and professional athletes searching for transformation from the inside out. Having appeared on television’s Dr. OzThe Today Show, and ABC News, he is also known for his trademarked, rehabilitative exercise program, Posture Perfect. (


Favorite spot in the city to work out indoors:

My favorite gym to work out at is Equinox on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The vibe is motivating, the space is open, and I tend to know a lot of the staff and members who come in, so it becomes a healthy social opportunity for me. My favorite studio to work out in is my own, Steve Jordan Acceleration. I’m not just saying this because I own the studio, but it has great equipment that you can’t find anywhere else, so I get to play with some fun tools that create amazing results.

Favorite spot to exercise outdoors:

My favorite outdoor workout is running on San Vicente Boulevard between Ocean Avenue and 26th Street. The grass provides extra cushion to avoid too much stress on the body, and there’s a slight incline (depending on direction) for the 4-mile loop, which creates a nice challenge. I also like to run up the bleachers and on the track at UCLA’s Drake Stadium for a High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) session. And then of course surfing or stand-up paddleboarding at Malibu’s famous Surfrider break is a great way to stay fit and have fun in the water.

Favorite fitness classes:

My tight schedule with clients makes it hard for me to commit to classes, but I do like SoulCycle in West Hollywood. I have also taken a Physique 57 class in Beverly Hills with my girlfriend, and I was humbled when I couldn’t finish several of the moves that all of the women made look so easy. When I get into a routine of doing vinyassa yoga at level two or three, I really enjoy going to YogaWorks in Westwood, which is walking distance from where I live. 

Favorite form of cross-training:

I really enjoy HITT programsâ€"working large muscle groups by slamming medicine balls, pressing barbells, and doing pull-ups and body-weight squats. This type of workout keeps my heart rate elevated for cardiovascular benefit, and keeps me mentally and physically strong so I can be prepared to do more in life. I also love the hormonal changes I feel for days and weeks after exercising like that. And you can do this type of workout at almost any gym, as it should have all the basic equipment necessary.

Best place to shop for quality fitness apparel: 

I’m a Lululemon ambassador, and I love their lifestyle line because I can go out to lunch or run errands in my workout attire and not feel like I just left the gym. I also just found the brand YogasMoga and I am really digging their styles, colors, and fabrics. And my favorite sneakers to wear are Nike. No one does it like Nike when it comes to function and style.

Best place to buy a bicycle:

I haven’t bought a bicycle in a long time because I love the one I have, but Helen’s Cycle in Westwood is where I go to get my bike tuned up. They have great customer service and competitive prices. They also have annual sales where you can get great discounts on the best brands and accessories. 

Favorite spot to refuel after a workout?

I’m a big believer in juicing and love the variety of flavors and convenience offered at Pressed Juicery. Anything green is usually what I’ll order. I am also a big fan of Café Gratitude. I just love the idea of going to a restaurant and being able to create conversation around the question of the day. It is usually thought-provoking and helps me become centered.

Favorite high-end restaurant for a healthy lunch:

My favorite high-end restaurant for lunch is Nobu in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway. Its signature dishes and sushi are one-of-a-kind and leave me blissfully sated.

Favorite high-end restaurant for a healthy dinner:

The Tower Bar at Sunset Tower Hotel is my favorite high-end spot for dinner. Not all of the items on the menu are necessarily healthy, but you can always make nutritious decisions such as ordering the fish or holding the French fries when that’s your preference. The owner, Jeff Klein, is a good friend of mine and his maître d', Dimitri, and the entire staff always make me feel welcome. 

Best luxury-hotel gym:

The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is home to my favorite hotel gym, and I’ve experienced enough to say this with confidence. I like its indoor/outdoor layout with great views of the pool and the fact that it has the Power Plate, one of my go-to pieces of equipment that I use in my fitness studio.

Best luxury-hotel spa:

The Spa Montage at the Montage Beverly Hills has the best spa services around, and you will feel pampered and relaxed the minute you walk in. The massage therapists are professional, the staff is attentive, and the ambience is tranquil. 

Other fitness-related favorites in the city:

I’m originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago, so all of the city is a fitness favorite for me. The weather here gives me an opportunity to get outside and be active almost every day of the year. One of my favorite hidden gems is Santa Monica College’s outdoor lap pool. For around $5 dollars you can swim in lanes next to some of the city’s most competitive swimmers or be inspired by the water-polo teams that practice there. Swimming is a great activity at any age or level. (

- See more at:

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Summer is almost here and that means swimsuits are inevitable. Here are a few snacks that are easy to prep and even take with you on-the-go! 

I few nights ago I was having dinner at one of my favorite restaruants in LA called and I ran into a long time friend Nina and her husband Justin. As we caught up on our lives over some Chicken Parm, Calamari, Meatballs and a glass or two of vino I realized Nina could be a great blog contributer because writes about food, healthy recipes, travel destinations and has a distinguished way of doing it. 

So here is Nina's contribution to help you slim down for summer or anytime of the year.

Thanks Nina for your contribution!

Yours in Fitness and Wellness,


6 EASY Snacks That Will Help You Slim Down For Summer... 

Summer is almost here and that means swimsuits are inevitable. Here are a few snacks that are easy to prep and even take with you on-the-go! 

1. Cherries- not only will these help with sweet tooth cravings, they only have 110 calories in 3/4 cups. And if that wasn't enough motivation... They are also full of antioxidants, help with insomnia, and said to reduce belly fat. Score and score! 

2. Cucumber Slices- these are loaded with water, they're low in sodium, and actually fight against bloating. Best part: they're only 45 calories for an entire cucumber! 

3. Grape Tomatoes- are easy to snack on, full of Vitamins A & C, potassium, and only 30 calories per cup. 

4. Popcorn- is high in fiber and great for filling up your tummy when a carb craving strikes. One "naked" cup (without the butter & oil) is only 30 calories. I like to add Parmesan sprinkles & chili flakes for extra flavor. 

5. Grapefruit wedges- are full of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Not to mention refreshing and hydrating. The whole grapefruit is only 120 calories so gobble those wedges up. 

6. Strawberries- are rich in vitamin C, help fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and help promote collagen growth (aka help you stay young-looking).

By Nina Alexander

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For many of us the onset of spring is a reminder to start our New Years resolution to exercise more since summer and bathing suit season is around the corner. And for others it's our annual spring overhauls of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and possibly more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, heightened creativity and increased activity.

Spring Cleaning For Your Mind & Body

Spring Cleaning For Your Mind & Body


For many of us the onset of spring is a reminder to start our New Years resolution to exercise more since summer and bathing suit season is around the corner. And for others it's our annual spring overhauls of decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and possibly more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, heightened creativity and increased activity.


Clutter can increase stress by distracting us and overwhelming our senses with extraneous stimuli and stress is the leading cause of disease. Research shows that one of the top 5 stressors is clutter. Women specifically have shown to have chronic levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, if they perceive their homes as cluttered.


Beyond negative emotional effects, a disorganized space is also associated with less physical activity. On the contrary, organization and order have been associated with choosing to eat more healthily, being more generous, and disciplined. With both the physical and psychological benefits to cleaning and decluttering, why doesn't everyone do it?


There are certain barriers to getting rid of the junk. The time and energy it takes to decide what you want and to make a plan are often saved for more crucial tasks. Furthermore, many of us would rather spend our few minutes of down time relaxing rather than organizing our file cabinets. But take comfort in knowing that your home and office do not have to be pristine for optimal living and working. The key is finding what environment is most efficient and productive for you.  The NY Times best selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tyding Up shows that littered environments encourage more littering; once you make your space tidier, you won't want to ruin your hard work. Experts report that they see a dramatic change in those who take charge of cleaning and organizing also take charge of their general health, especially in their weight.


So, while organizing and discarding items might not be enjoyable for everyone – the long-term mental and physical effects are reason enough to try a spring cleaning.


All my best in Fitness and Wellness,




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Surfers today are all about improving their performance: experience the ultimate rush riding waves that once seemed like only a dream. While surfing seems like a low-key sport, it's anything but a laid-back affair. It's a physically demanding activity that requires training in order to perform well.


3 Tips for Better Surf

Surfers today are all about improving their performance: experience the ultimate rush riding waves that once seemed like only a dream. While surfing seems like a low-key sport, it's anything but a laid-back affair. It's a physically demanding activity that requires training in order to perform well.  The 3 Tips For Better Surf is perfect for you if  you are a surfer who's willing to put in discipline and hard work with commitment to become better; or/and you are one of  those who want something stimulating their mind, body, and soul in any ways.

For 21 years I've been a health and fitness professional working with a variety of clients who surf for a living or leisure. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that every surfer and client I've worked with had one common goal…to have fun!

Fun is the common denominator that keeps us motivated, inspired and committed to our surfing journey of reaching new levels of performance. Fun is a relative word and is unique to each surfer, but there are a few ways in which I will share that can influence and charge up your surf sessions in 2016 and have more fun!

  1. Have a goal – we all know that goals are important to measure results and keep you motivated, but goals are also important to keep you having fun. In my opinion I believe goals help you to have fun because they give you a sense of purpose. Without purpose there's no driving force to motivate you or keep you coming back. The fun happens when you are achieving levels of success towards the goal. Maybe the goal is I'll surf 20 times this year, complete a roundhouse cutback, or hang10. Remember, "Enjoy the journey, not the destination."
  2. Find a surf partner with similar goals or abilities- doing anything alone isn't as fun as when you're doing it with someone else. You get to share experiences that are both positive and fun. You can encourage and motivate each other to reach new levels. And there's no doubt there will be fun times that you'll be able to share for years to come.
  3. Hire a surfing coach that specializes in improving surfing performance- hiring a coach can absolutely improve your performance and keep you having fun. Even though surfing seems like a sport that you just get better with more practice and that is true, but you'll benefit more if you hire a professional coach to give you some pointers and training tips. There isn't a pro including, Alana Blanchard who hasn't had coaches and mentors to help them.

IMG_2274Surfing is a way of life and those that are committed to improving their skill level and having more fun in a surf session are willing to find new ways to stimulate their mind and body. These simple tips can help you get a head start to create some new and fun surf experiences this year. 

Surf Up!


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How do you create a killer "I own this day" attitude before you leave the house? We asked Steve Jordan, America's Fitness Ambassador, for tips on dialing up our mental mojo instantly.

How do you create a killer "I own this day" attitude before you leave the house? We asked Steve Jordan, America's Fitness Ambassador, for tips on dialing up our mental mojo instantly.


We asked celebrity trainer and motivational speaker, Steve Jordan, for tricks on staying on top of your mental game.

"We have so many distractions just at the tip of fingers from work emails and calls from family members to texts from close friends you haven't had time to contact back - they all add up to what I call the cumulative stress cycle," says Jordan. "The cumulative stress cycle is the silent killer. It's the stress that builds up over time that we don't see, feel, hear, touch or smell because we've become so immune to it."

But, he says our minds are adaptable to change so when we think a different way about stress, we can feel and think differently about it. "Like training a muscle that needs to flex and be strong, we can train and adapt our minds to a more positive attitude," he adds.

Here are the 3 things he does every day before hitting the door to bolster his attitude and take charge of his day:

  1. Morning mantras.
    Steve Jordan (SJ): Upon waking have daily mantra that you repeat out loud or in your head while you get ready. My mantra is, " Today I am the possibility of love, passion and abundance!" I repeat this about 5 times and with each passing day I get more and more comfortable saying it and my actions daily reflect this mantra.
  2. Express positive emotions.
    SJ: I tell someone I love them or I'm grateful for them. It can be a significant partner, child, pet, friend, roommate or a family member who may not live with you, but is a phone call or text away. This starts the attitude of giving without expectation. When we give without expecting anything in return, we generally become happier.
  3. Be still.
    SJ: Last but not least, I sit in silence for 1 to 5 minutes in a meditative state that allows me to just be. Clearing my thoughts, concerns, anxieties and expectations allows me to leave the house with a clear mind, open heart and peaceful disposition.

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Are you one of the millions of people who set out to make 2016 better than previous years? Did you set a goals that are starting to feel like their not going to be possible to achieve? Are you feeling a little burned out already in the pursuit of achieving your goal for the New Year? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're Not Alone! The majority of people who set a New Year goal or any goal for that matter, do not achieve it. Why is this? The reason I found in research and experience lies in the the question...WHY? WHY do we do something or not do something. In this article I will help you realize how significant in finding out your WHY will help you to become more successful.

When Your Why Is BIG Enough....The How Is Easy!

Are you one of the millions of people who set out to make 2016 better than previous years? Did you set goals that are starting to feel like their not going to be possible to achieve? And are you feeling a little burned out already in the pursuit of achieving those goals? If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU ARE Not Alone! The majority of people who set a New Years goal or any goal for that matter, do not achieve it. Why is this? The reasons I found in research and experience lies in a simple word or question...WHY? WHY do we do something or not do something! In this article I will help you get to the core of goals with the question WHY to help you become more successful in achieving them.

Which one of these made up client's has more clarity, motivation, and intention to transform their life in the following scenarios?

Scenario 1: My name is Jane Doe and I am interested in hiring you (Steve Jordan) to help me achieve my desired health and fitness goals. I want to lose about 15 lbs and I think I want to run a marathon this year to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of surviving breast cancer. I am 35 years old and have been exercising my whole life because I was a high school star soccer player. I read that you worked with Ashley Greene and I love the way she looked in Twilight. I'd like to use her as motivation. 

Scenario 2: My name is Jane Smith and I am interested in hiring you (Steve Jordan) to help me achieve my desired health and fitness goals. I am currently 125lbs. I know I feel and look better at 110lbs so I'd like to lose 15lbs in 3 months which will be about the time my sister gets married. I have always been able to lose the weight in the past, but now as a single mom, 45 years old and experiencing hormonal changes I am more challenged to lose the weight. I also wouldn't mind finding a partner to enjoy my life with. I'm looking forward to starting the journey with you!

The answer may be obvious to you. But then again it may not. In scenario 2 you can pick out more reasons "WHY" she'll likely be more successful than Scenario 1 client. They both have great goals and reasons for wanting to get into shape, but there's a BIGGER WHY in Scenario 2 which if you read again you'll see the empowering language she uses like, "I know I feel and look better at 110lbs",  "I want to look good at my sisters wedding" or "I wouldn't mind finding a partner." These are the reasons WHY Client 2 is more likely to achieve success. I am sure Client 1 wants to lose the weight and feel her best, but her reasons WHY, at least so far in her story it's not big enough for her to make the necessary sacrifices to reach her goal. With a little coaching I would be able to get Client 1 more dialed into her reason WHY so that she too could really understand her intention and make it a MUST.

Your reason WHY is going to fuel you during the challenging times when family, friends, life obligations, work responsibilities, ailments, stress, sleep deprivation, etc try to derail you from your course to reach maximum potential. If you think back at anything in your life that you were successful in, I bet you can find that the your reasons WHY were big enough for you to do whatever it took to be successful.

Often times I have clients who will compare their goals or body image with one of my celebrities which is not realistic for several reasons. The first reason why is because you're not that person. When you live in the world of comparison you will find an often feeling emptiness and disappointment. So be grateful for what you have and be your best self! The second reason is that celebrities have a BIG advantage. And no it's not that they have a private chef or that they have the luxury to workout 2-3 hrs a day. Maybe they do have these luxury's and maybe it does add to their success. But the real reason that they are successful in achieving their desired look is because if they don't, they will lose the part to someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. A great example of this is Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games who made awesome changes in her body and weight to look fit for this once in a lifetime role. Jennifer was threatened she would be fired in several films that if she didn't reach the desired weight she would be fired. This made her angry and more motivated. That's a BIG WHY for you!! Read this short article:

It's not as easy to find your WHY as it is for many celebrities! In fact most people don't even know their WHY. It's a scary place to go when you get deeper to the core of your psyche because you have to be honest, authentic and vulnerable with yourself. And with each new layer, new reasons, stories, fears, motivations and intentions show up. Another example I like to use for client's to understand this concept of the importance of knowing your WHY is using the Biggest Loser show as an example. The contestants on the Biggest Losers WHY is usually a major health issue like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and even death which then exposed to the world. Additionally, a BIG financial gain for the winner can motivate the laziest person. What most people don't know about the Biggest Loser contestants is that most of them end up gaining the weight back. But in recent years The Biggest Loser saw this as a problem and has been more focused on helping contestants stay on track after the show with lifetime memberships to gyms, hiring trainers, nutritionists and providing other resources for their continued progress.

So how do you get the same results that my celebrity client's get who are preparing for a role like Ashley Greene in Twillight or Dustin Hoffman in Meet The Fockers? Or the pro baseball players like Barry Zito and Scott Richmond who I helped to come back from slumps to have a great pitching career? The answer is as simple as finding your reason WHY?

If you ask yourself that question and write down all the reasons WHY you want to achieve your goal, then your chances of success have been increased dramatically. When you lose your motivation, your discipline or your desire to keep pushing, ask yourself WHY? WHY am I doing this? WHY is this important to me? Write it down and review it. Keep it posted somewhere you can see daily and the desire to achieve your goals will stay burning inside of you. 

Here are some examples of WHY questions and answers to help get you started or to get you thinking in the right direction:

WHY do I want to lose weight? Answer: Because I want to look good.

WHY do I want to look good? Answer: Because I want to fit into my smaller sized clothes.

WHY do I want to fit into my smaller sized clothes? Because I want to feel good when I go out with friends.

WHY do I want to feel good when I go out with friends? Because I want to feel attractive.

WHY do I want to feel attractive? Because I am single and I want to meet someone. 

See how powerful this simple exercise becomes with each new layer! Don't waste anytime. Grab a pen and pad.

Ask yourself.....WHY????

Enjoy your journey!

Always my best,



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